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The Loyalty Rewards program awards you “Aussie Points” every time you purchase a product. The more products you buy, the more you points you accumulate.  You can redeem your Loyalty Points for discounts or free products!  You can earn additional Aussie Points by sharing your favorite Australiana products with your friends.  Each time you share, you earn, each time they order a sample or purchase a product, you earn. and earn rewards points redeemable for product discounts or free products!

Because many of us have been given much, we too can give!  Each time you purchase products a percentage, based on your loyalty points will be donated to a charity that supports women and children.  For every $40 dollars you spend, we’ll donate $1 to a worthy cause.  You get great products that are pure, natural and safe while helping someone else in need.  What could be better than that?

As a member, you will be automatically enrolled in our Birthday Club.  Each year, on your birthday you may received additional Aussie Points, special product offers, free samples and possibly free products.  Join today to get started and let us wish you a happy birthday each year!

As a member you will also receive exclusive offers, notices of new products and you may be invited to test products in development.  You hear about and get to try products before every one else.  Makes you feel special doesn’t it?

In order to help you earn rewards faster, Australiana Botanicals has joined up with Verb Technologies to develop a fun and easy to use app for your mobile device.  Simply download the app (it’s free) and login to receive news about products, blogs, images and video you can share with others or post to your Facebook or Instagram site, and to make things really fun, the ability to record your own videos with live links embedded into them to make sharing more personal, fun and exciting.



 What the app will do for you……..

  • easily share info about Australiana with friends
  • earn AUSSIE POINTS when you share and again if they purchase
  • exchange points for FREE product
  • be among the first to learn about new products and offers
  • member of the VIP Birthday Club and receive gifts
  • get exclusive offers, coupons and discounts

How to share Australiana Botanicals with your friends and get FREE products!

Now that you are a member, you can share your favorite Australiana products with your friends and earn rewards points redeemable for product discounts or free products! Consider downloading our app and have fun sharing!

Or, to get you started quickly, There are two ways we can help you get started right now.  You can enter their email addresses in the Share With Your Friends input field and click the submit button (You must join to get access to the input field), this will send an email to your friends with information about Australiana Botanicals. You earn Loyalty points every time your sponsored customer places an order!

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You can simply refer a friend to Australiana by sharing with them the referral code below (This special code is only available to you as a member).  Simply click the copy button and paster it into an email, text or posting.

Either way you choose to share, you will earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for free products!